About Leon

Personal Information

  • Born:  August 16, 1978 in Looe, Cornwall, UK
    Height: 6'1"
  • Hair:  Brown
  • Eyes:  Blue
  • Studied Acting at LAMDA
  • Married to Vanessa Hehir 

Did You Know

  • Leon is an award winning Master Baker.
  • Leon has a cat named Jasper
  • Leon studied to be a plasterer
  • Leon used the earnings from his first paycheck to buy his Mum tickets to Chippendales for her birthday. 

Leon's Favorites

  • 1. City - Melbourne
    2. Authors -Shakespeare, CG Jung, John Fowels
    3. Movie - Scenes From A Marriage
    4. Quote -"Vanity is an Ugly Thing So Go Look at Yourself"/ The Mark Twain 'Throw off the Bowlines
    5. Type of music - Any that makes me dance or cry - preferably at the same time
    6. Food - Sashimi
    7. Color - Blue
    8. Sport - Football (Soccer)
    9. Character that he has portrayed - Mat in "Muswell Hill" it's a really brilliant play by Torben Betts  

Contact Information

Creative Artists Management


55-59 Shaftesbury Avenue

London W1D6LD


Leon's 2017 Showreel

Leon's chat with the Punk Buddhist Journalist



Leon Ockenden - CAM (pdf)